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Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. The Family APGAR could be administered and scored by nonprofessionals. et al., ; Dr. Gabriel Smilkstein, personal communication, July 22, ). The family APGAR scale was developed by Smilkstein, Ashworth, and Montano There is a statistically significant relationship between the family APGAR and the . Funcionalidade familiar e qualidade de vida dos idosos [Family functionality.

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This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License http: This study aims to describe the socio-demographic and clinical profile of elderly people with chronic illness and correlate with perceived family support.

The first group allows for the socio-demographic characterisation of the sample gender, age, marital status and level of educationthe second group is to determine the presence and type of chronic disease and the third group relates to the family APGAR scale of Smilkstein Completed questionnaires were then brought to the front desk of the outpatient clinic.

Circumplex model of marital and family systems: Family functioning and social support for older patients with depression in an urban area of Shanghai, China. Background Practicing family medicine relies on sufficient understanding of the biopsychosocial aspects of patients.

Assessment of Family Functionality Among the Elderly With Chronic Illness

In the analysis of the behavior of each item, in regards to the contribution to the internal consistency of the instrument, it was seen a small variation from 0.

I am satisfied with the way my family accepts and supports my desires to begin or to search for new activities and to search for new paths and directions. In the present study, He wrote this manuscript and researched data, contributed to written informed consent, and discussion. However, Gardner et al. Theoretical and empirical studies of family systems: However, the social changes subject families to mostly nuclear social typologies, implying that their functionality should be assessed in order to better align their structure.

However, currently, family approaches to medicine are not widespread among Japanese family physicians. Differences by gender, age, or disease were not observed in any of the analyses. There is a statistically significant relationship between the family APGAR and the presence of chronic illness.


Data was gathered with a 15 minute questionnaire administered to the elderly by the members of the research group. Therefore, functional family systems are a therapeutic resource for the person that is aging 2.

A promising smilsktein of circumventing this problem, however, would be to utilize questionnaires. The results demonstrated a Cronbach’s alpha value of 0.

The evidence of adequate parameters of reliability and validity of Family APGAR used with elders residing in the Northeastern region of Brazil will ensure that the use of such tool is adequate to evaluate family functionality with elders in many cities of this region. We found that the Family APGAR, especially the Resolve item, has the potential to become a tool for measuring family function, at least in terms of family issues.

They were visited, as well as the residence of the users of the Centers located up to nine blocks away from it, in a clockwise direction, to identify the homes of the elders.

In addition, all authors of this study were both researchers and practicing physicians, which made it difficult to complete the manuscript. A cross-sectional, non-experimental, descriptive — correlational study was conducted, with a non-probability sample of convenience consisting of a total of elderly men and women living in the district of Viseu – Portugal, patients of the primary health care unit in their area of residence.

Further analysis of the factorial structure can clarify how the instrument in fact, evaluates the family functionality construct. The characteristics of the study sample are shown in Table 1.

Takenaka is the corresponding author. The factor identified is the offered family support to the elder Table 2. In other words, to know how the family functionality finds a way to fulfill and harmonize its essential roles in an appropriate manner, respecting the identity and the tendencies of its members, in order to work in a realist format to deal with the dangers and the opportunities that are seen in the social environment 3.

This is a methodological research, that deals with the development, validation and evaluation of research tools Family functioning perceived by patients and their family members in three diagnostic and statistical manual-IV diagnostic groups. First, the cross-sectional design did not allow us to examine changes in family function over time.


Apgar Familiar by paola hernandez mendez on Prezi

The scores on the questionnaires were compared using correlation and multiple regression analyses. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Nevertheless, the test remains widely and perhaps xmilkstein utilized.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

Most importantly, the Resolve item was able to distinguish patients with family issues from those with no such issues. The most prevalent chronic diseases among the sample were cardiovascular diseases Therefore, with this specific public there was the confirmation that the instrument must be used only for screening, to estimate family functionality, as it does not allow a complete evaluation of the construct.

Next, we analyzed the relationships between each item of smilketein Family APGAR and the family issues measure by utilizing a Chi square test. This accords with the properties of the Fajiliar model, wherein the avoidance of extremes for either dimension is emphasized.

As a consequence, there was no agglutination of answers in one single category.

Regarding employment status, I am satisfied with the way my family demonstrates affection and reacts to my emotions, such as anger, regret or love. It is known that the institution called family is suffering from meaningful changes in its structure and organization for years. Patients completed the questionnaire while waiting at the billing department after their medical examinations.

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Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, 58 5 The validity of the criterion showed a coefficient of correlation of 0. The scale results are based on the sum of the score of each question multiplied by a coefficient appropriate for the content.

University of Minnesota; In other words, moderate levels of Adaptability and Cohesion are optimal, but too much or too little is dysfunctional under normal circumstances.

According to the demonstration in Table 1it was seen that the discrimination coefficient oscillated between 0.