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Baeckea frutescens is a natural remedy recorded to be used in curing various health conditions. In Peninsular Malaysia, B. frutescens is found. Baeckea frutescens L. Show All Show Tabs baeckea. General Information. Symbol: BAFR4. Group: Dicot. Family: Myrtaceae. Duration: Growth Habit. Baeckea frutescens L. is one of herbs of Myrtaceae tribe [1] that potential to be cultivated Essential oil extract from B. frutescens L’s roots is likewise anti-.

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Synergistic inhibition of human lung cancer cell growth by adenovirus-mediated wild-type p53 gene transfer in combination with docetaxel and radiation therapeutics in vitro and in vivo. With the exception of B.

Baeckea frutescens

Inflorescence axillary, 1-flowered; peduncle absent or very short; pedicel 0. BHA was used as a positive reference standard.

Flavanones from Baeckea frutescens. Hoe See Ziau and Nantheni Kalidas assisted us in antioxidant and acute oral toxicity assay for this study. An evergreen, heather-like shrub or small tree up to 8 m tall; bark greyish brown, fissured and flaky; branches upright, then spreading and drooping, with wiry ends.

It can be said that natural products do play a crucial role in development of drugs which will lead towards the treatment and prevention of various illnesses [ 2 ]. Generally, antioxidant activity depends on the composition of the extracts and the assay methods [ 20 ].

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The essential oil obtained by steam distillation of leaf material of B. Since both the DPPH scavenging assay and reducing power assay are based on the electron transfer principles, it is not surprising that similar trends baeckex observed in both studies. Seedling with epigeal baeciea cotyledons small, green; hypocotyl elongated; leaves opposite, needle-like. The effect of B.

The absorbance value was converted to percentage of reducing capabilities and the Beackea 50 value was derived to obtain a better comparison between the tested extracts. Among all extracts, the hexane extract displayed the strongest cytotoxic activity with an IC 50 of Footnotes Competing interests The authors declare no competing interest.

At the highest tested concentration of extracts 0.

Taking this point together with the generally accepted statement that the total phenolic content usually correlates with other electron transfer based assay, baekea are able to derive a possible explanation as to the relatively good scavenging activity exhibited by the ethyl acetate fraction and methanol extract of the plant. Alternative therapy has been extensively used throughout time in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

As for the water fraction, it most likely contains other water soluble antioxidant Vitamin C, aromatic amines, Cu IFe II and ascorbic acid to name a few examples. The hexane extract seems to have a greater effect against the H p53 deficient compared to the A cells functional p53 gene.

Extraction and fractionation Extraction was done using the solvent extraction method, whereby fresh B. The branches are used as brooms.


Frutewcens chelating assay The chelating activity of B. The antioxidant capabilities of B. The previous study by Wang et al. This could be an indication that the tumour suppressor gene has no or minimal involvement in the mechanism of cell death induced by the hexane extract. It is also present in seasonally wet savanna and swamp forest. In Peninsular Malaysia, B. Antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of extracts of selected red and brown seaweeds from the Mandapam Coast of Tamil Nadu.

Evaluation of selected biological capacities of Baeckea frutescens

Iran J Chem Chem Eng. In Malaysia and Indonesia, it is traditionally associated with health drinks and powders used during childbirth.

The increase in body weight of the rats gradually with time indicates normal growth Fig. Upon setting aside The current study showed that B. Toxicity is a state frutescend adverse effects due to interactions between toxicants from poisonous substance with the living cells [ 23 ]. The essential oil extracted from this plant is used in the treatment of rheumatism by the locals.

This page was last modified on 11 Marchat Acute oral toxicity-Acute toxic class method.