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Please keep in mind that this isn’t a transcription service. These are all solos that I have transcribed for my own benefit. .. Branford Marsalis: 2 solos. Strike Up. Branford Marsalis plays the funk out of some sax Every month we do a group transcription challenge inside the Stablemates forum. This month it’s one of my. Accueil > Scores / sheet music > Partitions- Lead Sheets – solos > the ruby and the pearl. the ruby and the pearl. Branford Marsalis. Documents joints.

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In a Walked Bud. Solo analysis is available. Transcriptions Page Updates For March My favorites — Measuresthe sideslip to B Major in measure 53, and the superimposed 7 in bars Yes Or No page 23. Transcrlption Eyes Chad Lefkowitz-Brown: Transcription by Carmine Maresca.


Oleo [out of print]. Almost Like Being In Love.

I Got A Woman. Miles in Paris DVD — video. An arrangement for 5 saxes with MP3 file is available.

Branford Marsalis

Faster than the more famous recorded solo. Here you can find more about the best web sites that offer free and paid solo transcriptions. Transcription by Leif Wikfeldt.

Suspone page 234. Blues At This Tempo at page MP3 file with a slowed down version is available. Transcription by Malo Vallois.

Solo analysis ,YouTube video and C concert key version are available. Transcription by Orazio Maugeri. Touchy at page Twisted alt take JRC46C. When You Wish Upon a Star. Scrapple From The Apple page 2. On Green Dolphin Street page 2.

Bye Bye Baby Gene Quill: Home of Jazz Saxophone Transcriptions. Cotton Tail at page C concert key version. MP3 file with slowed down version is available. Willow Weep For Me page 2. Freddieish page 23.

Branford Marsalis | CKendrickMusic

Bret Pimentel Performance analysis is available,together with one-hand fingerings for tenor and clarinet. Gotta Dance page 234. M P3 file is available. Michael Brajford Live Recordings. C concert key version and MP3 file are available. On Green Dolphin Street page 23. There Will Be Another You.


Solo Transcriptions (Sax)

Transcription by Michele Gori. Trading with Sonny Rollins not included. The Boy Next Door. Blues In The Closet. PDF transcriptio is available. What Am I Here For. Cheryl page 23. Transcription by Corinne Juillerat.

AudioEb and C concert key versions are available. In A Mellow Blues.