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One of the crucial points influencing monitoring of waterfowl is the relocation of bigger flocks as a result of disturbance, e.

The dissenters argue that hunting is not a human rights issue per se. At that time he filed a request to terminate his membership because he was opposed to hunting on ethical grounds. Hunting methods are regulated, however, such that birds are only allowed to be shot with rifles of any calibre or shotguns, but they are not allowed to be caught in traps or using nets [ 31332 ]. The geographic expansion of sites occupied by geese continued during the entire time span analysed here. Our thanks go to the administrative bodies supporting us with providing the data and last not least to all the volunteers contributing to either IWC or to the hunting bag statistics.

First, when a goose population is established, the probability of detecting this small number of individuals is, in general, very small. Harvesting birds from these small populations is neither limited to a short period of time by the German hunting regulations nor are any bag limits set. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

A Red deer pellet groups; model parameters are provided in Table 2. TXT Click here for additional data file.

Red deer have a continuous non-intervention zone comprising 23, ha, but in winter, the animals are fed within the parks in enclosures [ 29 ]. Also, the influence of elevation on red deer was lower than the influence on roe deer. Zero-inflation model coefficients binomial family with logit link.

Population densities and habitat associations of introduced muntjac and bunfesjagdgesetz roe deer in a lowland pine forest.


Therefore, to interpret our results, we have to consider that we possibly overestimated deer densities at the higher elevations because pellet decay rates there are likely lower. The priorities of game management in Bavaria and the Bundesjagdgesetzz Republic considerably differ.

Das Jagdrecht Im Freistaat Bayern : G Recht :

Reaction on climatic and human induced changes? The Bundesjagdtesetz of Wildlife Management. In Bavaria, hunting, forestry, and state forest law, natural forest regeneration has priority over wildlife. In the Czech Republic, financial compensation given to farmers and forest owners for damage caused by ungulates is relatively low, and the hunting system is oriented toward the objectives of bundesjagdgeserz hunters, who are not obligated to control the ungulate populations [ 38 ].

International Union of Game Biologists.

In addition, we used the following explanatory variables: The lowest red deer pellet group density was at m and densities were higher at lower and higher elevations. The differences in the regional occurrence identified by the bag statistics are supported by the IWC surveys. With respect to data quality, it is recommended that hunting can take place everywhere, not being restricted to specific areas.

Likely reasons for these results are the closure of feeding stations, in combination with high snow packs, high forest cover and lynx presence in the national parks. This study was part of a project on the predator-prey relationship of the Eurasian lynx, roe deer and red deer carried out by the Bavarian Forest National Park Administration, Department of Research. Thus, whenever there is an increase in the IWC counts there is always an increase in the bag statistics, or vice versa.


budesjagdgesetz Funding Statement The authors have no support or funding to report. The overlapping sector is, however, very small at about 0.

Since compensation for damages in forestry and crop production by the 0213 ground users is rarely claimed or paid, hunters are not pressured to limit deer numbers [ 38 ]. Transects were not sampled when the start location was not accessible or when the transect was located within a village.

Wildlife Biology in Practice. This policy contributes to the lower chance of finding red deer pellets at elevations of about m.

Hunting can be a key management factor for regulating deer populations and their spatial distribution in the landscape [ 27 — 29 ]. Therefore, it can be expected that across country borders, the outcome of wildlife management could differ greatly, even in the same ecosystem, resulting in different densities and distributions of the hunted animals. For each transect, the fraction of land cover classified as forest or as human dominated was calculated within a buffer zone of m around the transect centre.


Still, identified trends may still be the bundesjagdgeaetz of other factors such as changes in the wintering and staging sites of geese and areas not surveyed [ 515 ]. The German law did indeed also allow for some exceptions. Our analysis, which accounted for overdispersion as well as zero inflation and spatial autocorrelation, corroborated the view that both human management and the physical and biological environment drive ungulate distribution in mountainous areas in Central Europe.

Reliability of hunting bag statistics may also depend on the ability of hunters to identify the species being shot as well as their willingness to report.

A higher mean height above sea level would lead to a slower decay of deer pellets and migration of roe deer out of the areas in winter. bundesjagdgesrtz

Factors affecting red deer Cervus elaphus population density in southeastern Poland. Sustainable use of waterfowl populations has long been an issue in wildlife ecology and management [ 5354 ], bundesjxgdgesetz there is still substantial uncertainty about system dynamics and impacts of potential management decisions [ 55 ].

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Brand3 Manon Y. My aim is to add something by discussing the importance the Court attached to precedent. Our fourth prediction was that red deer pellet group densities would be higher in areas with more forest cover that provide protection from hunting, and roe deer pellet group densities would be higher in areas with lower forest cover because of higher food availability.