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Here, Carl Jung’s Wotan *, the essay entitled, “Woden As Archetype – The Carl Jung Essay”, written by New Zealand’s Dr. Kerry. A selection from Wotan by Carl Jung, Note: see here for the essay Jung wrote at the end of the first world war, and here for the essay he wrote at the end of. Carl jung wotan essay. “That the sons of revolted russian revolution who in the essay of God saw the. The figure of the heroic popular leader.

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Was it really only the classical philologist in Nietzsche that led to the god being called Dionysus instead of Wotan — or was it perhaps due to his xarl meeting with Wagner? It is evident from the above passages that Jung was observing a phenomenon and explaining its origins, in a detached, scholarly manner. But what do all the beauties of the past from totally different levels sotan culture mean to the man of today,when confronted with a living and unfathomable tribal god such as he has never experienced before?

But what a so-called Fuhrer does with a mass movement can plainly be seen if we turn our eyes to the north or south of our country. Wotan disappeared when his oaks fell and appeared again when the Christian God proved too weak to save Christendom from fratricidal slaughter. A collective movement consists of millions of individuals, each of whom esssay the symptoms of Wotanism and proves thereby that Wotan in reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and autonomy.

While much of a sensationalist nature has been written about Hitler being possessed by demons, or controlled by occult forces, etc. Wotan disappeared when his oaks fell czrl appeared again when the Christian God proved too weak to save Christendom from fratricidal slaughter. Are you not yourself the wind with shrill whistling, which bursts open the jhng of hung fortress of death?

November 1, at Truly, a strong wind is Zarathustra to all that are low; and this counsel gives he to his enemies and to all that spit and spew: A roaring wind tore the gates asunder; whistling,shrieking, and keening, it cast a black coffin before me.


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A mind that caarl still childish thinks of the gods as metaphysical entities existing in their own right, or else regards them as playful or superstitious inventions. We have not realized its importance.

However, might it not be said, given such unusual phenomena as the hangings at Nuremberg[42] or the Morgenthau Plan for the post-war extermination of the Germans and the obliteration of their statehood,[43] that the reaction against the Wotanic storm from out of Germania, was a storm of another type from out of the Levant?

Jung stated taken wtoan the link just below: Political events move from one impasse to the next, like a torrent caught in gullies, creeks and marshes.

C. G. Jung – Essay on Wotan [w. Nietzsche]

Perhaps we may sum up this general phenomenon as Ergriffenheit — a state of being seized or possessed. No one with ears can misunderstand the shrill whistling of the storm-god in the nocturnal wood. He seemed as if he might be a double of a real person, and that Hitler the man might perhaps be hiding inside like an appendix, and deliberately so hiding in order not to disturb the mechanism. He has two cultures, paradoxical as that may sound.

November 1, at 1: Houston Stewart Chamberlain is a symptom which arouses suspicion that other veiled gods may be sleeping elsewhere. We are always convinced that the modern world is a reasonable world, basing our opinion on economic, political, and psychological factors.

I shall and will know thee, Unknown One. In comparison with Mussolini, Hitler made upon me the impression of a sort of scaffolding of wood covered with cloth, wotzn automaton with a mask, like a robot or a mask of a robot.

At any rate the coincidence of anti-Semitism with the reawakening of Wotan is a psychological subtlety that may perhaps essat worth mentioning. Given that, according to Jung, the mind is comprised of inherited layers, not only are the characteristics of the mind inherited on a racial basis but also on a cultural basis.

Wotan the wanderer was on the move. The longer it has flowed in this channel the more likely it is that sooner or later the water will return to its old bed.


Wotan confined himself to the berserkers, who found their vocation as the Blackshirts of mythical kings. Here was irony indeed. With all eternal tortures. Like a dammed river, its unleashing had the jhng to follow a course of ecstatic creative energy or destruction to the point of self-destruction.

I have never forgotten this little book, for it struck meat the time as a forecast of the German weather.

Carl Jung on Hitler as Personification of the Wotan Archetype | Völkisch Paganism

Zarathustra, too, was a soothsayer, a magician, and the storm-wind. We thus lose sight of the most peculiar feature of this whole phenomenon, namely, the dramatic aspect of the Ergreifer and the Ergriffener. Apparently everyone had forgotten that Wotan isa Germanic datum of first importance, the truest expression and unsurpassed personification of a fundamental quality that is particularly characteristic of the Germans.

Like the philosopher Martin HeideggerJung was accused of trading on his professional associations during the 30s to maintain his status, and turning on his Jewish colleagues while they were purged. So the false ones part from the real ones — I reach into a nest of words And then give the good and just With my formula blessings and prosperity. Jung and the Temptations of Aryan Religion, p. Ninck rightly points out that Dionysus and the otherGreek gods always remained under the supreme authority of Zeus, which indicates a fundamental difference between the Greek and the Germanic temperament.

Jung continues with another prophetic vision among the Germans of the return of Wotan:.

Jung stated of this literary tradition that kept the Wotanic force alive, albeit in Classical mode:. Apparently he really was only asleep in the Kyffhauser mountain until the ravens called him and announced the break of day. Archetypes are like riverbeds which dry up when the water deserts them, but which calr can find again at anytime.