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ECOFIN Council: Main results of the meeting on 4 December . CATALOG MIJLOACE FIXE – Clasificarea si duratele normale de functionare a mijloacelor. Commission proposes a European Foundation Statute. 8 feb. CATALOG MIJLOACE FIXE – Clasificarea si duratele normale de functionare a mijloacelor. / pentru modificarea anexei nr. / pentru aprobarea Catalogului privind clasificarea şi funcţionare a mijloacelor fixe.

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All measurements regarding work time were made by the same researcher. Decision to authorise enhanced cooperation on a Common Financial Transaction Tax 24 oct. The main characteristics of marked resinous trees and tree stands are presented in Table 1.

EU Audit Accounting News [en] | CFNET – Finante Taxe

Commission requests Cyprus to establish an effective public oversight system 6 apr. If you are a registered user, log in to save your selected articles for later access.

Consequently, the fide obtained do not indicate the variations which may be caused by the human factor. Work time structure according to stages and activities. Commission acts to enforce anti-money laundering rules in Germany 27 ian. Moving to and from the workplace at the beginning and ending of the schedule.


In the back-cutting the feller started the felling from the stem edge opposing the sink and made a single cut horizontally. Commission presents Report on how clasficare European Company Statute works for business 19 nov. The time corresponding to walking the distance from the last tree felled in one shift to the edge of the felling area was included in the non-workplace time calsificare NW. It is to be clssificare that Teff expressed in s m —3 represents Values of p and q clasifivare were established by trial measurements.


In the specific situation analysed in this paper, establishing productivity level involved measuring the volume of wood felled in a time unit. Log into your account. On the procurement of wood with emphasis on boreal and Great Lakes St. In comparative time studies it is difficult to provide the exact same conditions.

In order to emphasize productivity dependence on dbh the average work time average Teff corresponding to a complete cycle according to diameter classes and without including delays ST — service time, NT — non-work time and NW — non-workplace time was taken into consideration.

The European Commission gives green light to the co-operation Descriptive statistics of dbhsd cmd m and V m 3. Main results of the meeting on 4 December 8 dec.

Too thin hinge wood might lead to the tree hitting the ground in an uncontrolled manner, while too thick hinge wood catallg lead to an increase in the work time necessary for tree felling lower productivitybut also to an increased effort from the part of the feller caused by wedging and an increased fuel consumption resulting from additional undercutting of the hinge.


Tcc — work time corresponding to cc stage. This research methodology is based on the use of one single work team.

catalog mijloace fixe pdf

European Commission – Press release Brussels, 29 November dixe The European Union and the United States today strengthened transatlantic economic ties through a number of new initiatives. Labour consumption models applied to motor-manual pre-commercial thinning in Finland. Time prediction models mihloace cost evaluation of cut-to-length CTL harvesting method in a mountainous forest.

Proceedings of Certification-Environmental implications for forestry operations, September 9— Commission proposes a European Foundation Statute 8 feb. Tree height was measured with a hypsometer, log length with a forest tape measure and stump diameter and dbh with a caliper. Wood fibre cutting off the stump and stem Stump debarking with an axe. Thirdly, Member States need clasificqre reform their national tax systems and modernise their administrations in order to reduce the VAT Gap.

Time consumption in tree felling: The use of harvesters in harvestable resinous tree stands is limited by two important factors: