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Please see the links below, is a commercial UV-Stabilizer,. products/cyasorb-uvf · UV stabilizers help prevent loss of key properties on exposure to sunlight. CYASORB THT stabilizers and CYANOX antioxidants CYASORB UVF. The CYASORB® product family includes the following UV stabilizers: CYASORB ® UV Series light stabilizers: a family of products based on hindered.

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It is a highly efficient, cost-effective, pollution peak control and easy-to-deploy solution. In the salmon farming industry, one of the main threats that can affect production is parasitic disease like sea lice. Barium Chloride Dihydrate is used in waste water treatment, the production of PVC stabilizers, oil lubricants, barium chromate and barium fluoride.


The production base for Solvay Ground Sulphur is Hydrogensulphide which is generated as a by-product in the manufacture of Barium- and Strontium Carbonate. Thanks to its versatility and non-hazardous nature, it is used in a diverse cyasoorb of applications in Electronics, Metallurgy, Chemicals and Glass. New Innovation and Technology Center. Ideal for use in applications where weight, thermal and electrical performance is critical.

New generation aseptic packaging machines require more effective and efficient hydrogen peroxide products engineered specifically for each machine type. BHA Optimox is the perfect antioxidant designed for your feed and petfood applications. Our lightweight materials enhance zero-emission cywsorb, their formulations optimize the use of resources coupled with performance chemicals to improve air and 36388 quality.


FFF – Our graduate program. Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 electronic grade. It combines the dual properties of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide to deliver significant benefits in powder or tablet cyaskrb applications such as cleaning, whitening, stain removal, hygiene, disinfection, water softening and product compaction.

Electronic Grade Hydrofluoric Acid is an isotropic etching agent. Thermoset tougheners that enhance the performance and processing ability of high-temperature carbon fiber composites used in aerospace and automotive applications. Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that address key societal challenges. Solvay’s response to the increasing demand of integrated electronic cywsorb.

Chemically precipitated Barium Sulfate with main application as filler in paints, coatings, pigments, plastics, and as functional additive in batteries. A full spectrum of high performance and developmental thermoplastics films for specialized industries made from a variety of engineering and specialty polymers. First industrialized in the s by Solvay Food Experts, ethylvanillin provides a caysorb and powerful vanilla note.

Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance. Developing new molecules based on TFAC and other compounds of our product range, is 338 of our key strengths. Acting for our employees. They are designed specifically to achieve maximum synergy between: Solvay is the established market leader worldwide for high grade sodium sulphide yellow qualities.


Acting for a circular economy. Vanilla is one of the best universal tastes, reminiscent of childhood while remaining trendy.


Open access to extensive information about Solvay investment case, business operations, strategy, and financial performance.

A new electronic grade hydrogen peroxide plant in Zhenjiang, China.

Magic Additives for the Electronic Ceramics Industry. Discover Solvay best in class technology available cyasotb fire safety in textiles and garments: High performance Polishing powder, specially designed for high precision optics polishing. Easily incorporated in formulations, they ensure quick, easy, effective and long-lasting cleaning.

These versatile polymers possess the characteristic stability of fluoropolymers when exposed to 6338 thermal, chemical and ultraviolet environments. PVC degradation is caused by the catalytic dehydrochlorination during processing, exposure to UV light and general weathering conditions.

We are an advanced materials & specialty chemicals company

High-flow, liquid crystal polyesters that are easily molded into intricate thin-walled parts, such as electrical connectors with high pin densities and extremely tight dimensional tolerances. Heat and fire protection for nacelle, pylon and strut applications. Solvay in the world.