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5-axis/Multi-axis Machine DMU 85 monoBLOCK, Flap part. DMG – technologies for tomorrow. Five-axis Universal Milling Machines. DMU 65 / 85 monoBLOCK®. monoBLOCK® NEXT GENERATION. Product Information: Universal machining centres DMU 85 monoBLOCK® of DMG MORI. Contact the manufacturer and find a merchant in your location.

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Dmg Mori DMU 85 monoBlock Machining center – 5 axis

Click here to mmonoblock to the Machining Research article that goes with these products. The unit is configured with three guideways and five guide trucks on both the X and Y axis; two guideways and six guide trucks on the Z axis.

It has a quick tool-to-tool time of only 1. The two sided clamp mechanism rotates and swings the part during machining, eliminating surface contact, stroke limitations, and the necessity for changes in set-up, increasing overall accuracy of the part. The machines use a finite element analyzed, honeycomb ribbed cast column, which Methods say offers superior torsional torque resistance and superior low frequency resonance stability.

Product designation DMU 50 3rd Generation. Milling and Turning on One Machine with FD Table The monoBLOCK series models are 5-axis machining centers suited to workpieces in various fields such as the aerospace, energy, medical component and automotive industries. The machine achieves high rigidity and stable machining by using a thick, high rigidity bed with the X and Z axis linear guides placed in a high position, and by incorporating a spindle with a large diameter bearing, as well as a table and pallets with powerful clamping forces.


Main categories All main categories Additive Manufacturing Machine tools. It features ipm rapids on the X, Y, Z axis, ipm on the W axis and The MX in its compact form assures high rigidity as well as a generous machining envelope with operability.

Machine Tools Products – Canadian Metalworking

To use it, you must register as a member and log in. Product group Universal machining centres. Other high torque spindles utilize a geared-type head.

The MX can hold workpieces with sizes up to Masterpiece in the World 8 Tower vise capable of clamping 10 or more workpieces with different shapes at a time drastically reduces the number of setups. Product designation CMX 70 U.

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A 15, rpm, 30 hp direct drive neo spindle provides speed and power required for high efficiency machining. The spindle is driven by a 3 hp motor.

Similar to its sister machine, the DMU 65 monoBlock launched last year, the new generation machine features flexible expansion options, from three to five axis machines with a swivel rotary table, and covers all aspects dmuu milling technology, from roughing to finishing.

Masterpiece in the World 12 High Cutting Performance with Chlorine-free Oil Coolant effectively improving work environments, expanding tool life and preventing machine degradation. Flood and through-spindle coolant keep cutting zones clear, with automatic chip and coolant collection systems available.

The machine is equipped with an iTNC Heidenhain control system. DMU 50 3rd Generation. The machines accommodate weights from lb kg to 17, lb kg.


DMU 85 monoBLOCK Flap part | Videos | DMG MORI

Total travel measures 30 in. Register now Website membership service Member Login. Masterpiece in the World 9 Automatic deburring on the machine – Ceramic fiber brush that reduces deburring costs to one d,u. Masterpiece in the World 9 Automatic deburring on the machine – Ceramic fiber brush that reduces deburring costs to one third. Additionally, the HSM is fitted with absolute optical linear scales on the Monobloxk, Y and Z axes that operate with a measuring step of.

The integral drive spindle outperforms all other spindles on the market, claims the company, due to the nature of its efficient design, which provides significantly higher torque at a low rpm. The solid box way construction combined with hand scraping techniques ensures True Geometric Accuracy and long-term reliability. The high torque and high thrust spindle provides unparalleled productivity and reliability for a machine of this type, which helps customers reduce costs from their manufacturing operations.

The machine features an energy saving design. The five axis head features continuous C axis to keep the spindle in-cut without running out of C axis travel or waiting for C axis to unwind.