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The Libraryat that time the largest in the world, contained several hundred thousand volumes and housed and employed scholars and poets.

According to Jewish legend, the seventy wrote their translations independently from memory, and the resultant works were identical at every letter. Fleeing into exile, she would attempt to raise an army to reclaim the throne. Shire Egyptology 17, ser. These sordid dynastic quarrels left Egypt so weakened that the country became a de facto protectorate of Rome, which had by now absorbed most of the Greek world.

Ptolemaic Kingdom

The Jews absorbed Greek, the dominant language of Egypt at the time, and heavily mixed it with Hebrew. Ptolemy I also promoted the cult of the deified Alexanderwho became the state god of the Ptoleamico kingdom; the Ptolemies eventually associated themselves with the cult as gods. The Ptolemaic military was filled with diverse peoples from across their territories.

Following Alexander’s death, control passed into the hands of the Lagid Ptolemaic Dynasty; they built Greek cities across their empire and gave land grants across Egypt to the veterans of their many military conflicts.

He did not need to be, because his father had left Egypt strong and prosperous. Outside of Egypt, they had Greek cities under their dominion, including the old Greek cities in the Cyrenaica, in Cyprus, on the coasts and islands of the Aegean, but they were smaller than the three big ones in Egypt.


It was located in the royal sector of the city. He left a stable and well-governed kingdom to his son.

With his death, Rome split between supporters of Mark Antony and Octavian. The figure also exemplifies the fusing of Greek and Egyptian art. The Greeks now formed the new upper classes in Egyptreplacing the old native aristocracy.

Also, in BC, when there was trouble in Upper Egypt between the towns of Crocodilopolis and Hermonthis, the negotiators sent from Crocodilopolis were the young men attached to the gymnasium, who, according pgolemaico the Greek tradition, ate bread and salt with the negotiators from the other town.

Under Roman rule, Egypt was governed by a prefect selected by the emperor from the Equestrian class and not a governor from the Senatorial order, to prevent interference by the Roman Senate. Evipto strategy not only helped to legitimize their rule, but also placated the general population. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

According to a study in Nature Communicationsvolcanic eruptions impacted the Nile in a way as to adversely impact agricultural output and thus trigger revolt in Ptolemaic Egypt. During the reign of the Ptolemaic Pharaohs, many Jews were imported from neighboring Judea by the thousands for being renowned fighters and established an important presence there.

He was succeeded by ptoolemaico infant son Ptolemy VI Philometor. Hellenistic culture continued to thrive in Egypt throughout the Roman and Byzantine periods until the Muslim conquest. Views Read Edit View history. Of the aliens who had come to settle in Egypt, the ruling group, the Greeks, were the most important element. Ptolemy II bestowed his care upon Naucratis. Part of a series on the. It is, therefore, purely Egyptian in style. Generally, the Greeks of Ptolemaic Egypt felt like representatives of a higher civilization but were curious about the native culture of Egypt.

Their union produced three children; the twins Cleopatra Selene and Alexander Heliosand another son, Ptolemy Philadelphos.


Alexander and his Seleucid successors founded many Greek cities all over their dominions.

Ptolemaic Kingdom – Wikipedia

In his will Antony expressed his desire to be buried in Alexandria, rather than taken to Rome in the event of his death, which Octavian used against Antony, sowing further dissent in the Roman populace. Library resources about Ptolemaic Kingdom. Yet if they had no place of ptloemaico assembly, they would have their gymnasium, the essential sign of Hellenism, serving something ptolemxico the purpose of a university for the young men.

While ruling Egyptthe Ptolemaic Dynasty built many Greek settlements throughout their Empire, to either Hellenize new conquered peoples or reinforce the area. Octavian waited for a year before he claimed Egypt as a Roman province. Apple green, deep blue, and lavender-blue are the three colors most frequently used during this period, a shift from the characteristic blue of the earlier kingdoms.

Julius Caesar left Rome for Alexandria in 48 BC in order to quell the looming civil war, as war in Egypt, which was one of Rome’s greatest suppliers of grain and other expensive goods, would have had a detrimental effect on trade.

Egypt had only three main Greek cities— AlexandriaNaucratisand Ptolemais.

Ptolemaic Egypt, along with the other Hellenistic states outside of the Greek mainland after Alexander the Greathad its armies based on the Macedonian phalanx and featured Macedonian and native troops fighting side by side. It is to the academies and libraries ptolemmaico Alexandria that we owe the preservation of so much Greek literary heritage.