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Well I’ve been told that Emei Baguazhang can be kind of “Wushu-ish” in its modern incarnations. But alot of publically taught Bagua styles. Baguazhang is one of the three main Chinese martial arts of the Wudang school, the other two . Liang Shou-yu, Yang Jwing-Ming, Wu Wen-Ching, “Baguazhang : Emei Baguazhang Theory and Applications” ^ Frank Allen, Tina Chunna. Emei Shan, (mountain) is one of the most renowned Buddhist and Daoist sanctuaries in China. The mountain is located in the basin of emei Sichuan Province.

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Archived from the original on This sect that had many branches throughout China some of them at Emei Mountain. A form should become yours, but you should never change the form your teacher teaches.

Emei Baguazhang Qigong

Bafuazhang most practicle application I can think of my teacher mentioned. Like a huge river having many tributaries, the Emei Wushu school has many branches.

He makes the student swear that he will not reveal the secrets until HE has an “indoor” student. This DVD is the real deal. If your opponent manages somehow to get you in a side headlock, you do the double hammer fist. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Baguazhang. Waist is like an ankle turning, arm swings around. Try imagining his Bagua sequences in higher stances, and I doubt it will seem as “wushu-ish”.

Now, it is time for you to start your training. This system is devoted to maintaining excellent health and treating diseases and ailments, while striving to attain the goal of enlightenment on higher planes.

Daoist temples were first erected on this mountain in the eastern Han dynasty B. It consists of 20 different postures from the Yang Style Long Sequence. Then I showed my current teacher and he laughed at me. If they dont believe you, the best you can do is chalenge them. Then theres also the needle technique and the towel technique, which are in Bagua and I hope to incorporate into my Taijiquan practice.

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Currently, the Lotus Canon, along with the sacred bowl and staff, are preserved at a Beijing Museum. This form is only known by a handful of masters and it is taught to pupils who are carefully selected by the masters. After he died, the secrets are mine to do with as I wish. Any practitioner of Bagua or another style should rely on their experience and understanding and invest the time and effort, Gung Fu, to advance their expertise of the subject.

Portions of this article by Dr. Overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, the general decided to leave all his responsibilities and serve this great man who had restored his health. Yang, Jwing-Ming, and Mr. At the same time, the Emei school has extracted the essence of Shaolin, Wudang and other schools of Northern China.

Relax your shoulders, drop the elbows, settle the wrists, and hold. Shrouded in Mystery Being mysterious bbaguazhang always been the perception of many people about Emei Wushu.

Yet, Taoism was practiced also and multiple martial art styles are said to have originated or blended together there from the various monks and others who lived and practiced there.

Martial art methods came collectively to be called the Emei Wushu school. Then the secrets are lost. He was taught that the Traditional 24 movement form was different, and either Grandmaster Shouyu Liang had a “bad experience”, or one of his teachers had, or it was modified again ONLY for health.


Baguazhang contains an extremely wide variety of techniques as well as weapons, including various strikes with baguazhnag, fist, elbow, fingers, etc.

All techniques are required to be executed swiftly, accurately and ferociously. This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat Buddhist and Daoist monks lived in harmony practicing meditation, healing arts Daoyin Yoga herbalism and the various modalities of their spiritual practices.

During 13 years of service to Master Yong Nian the former general earnestly expressed his desire to become a monk. All forms of Baguazhang utilize circle walking as an integral part of training.

Herbalist Wonderland The vast difference in the temperature on the summit and below at the base of the mountain allows baguazhany a great diversity in plant and animal life.

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Which i thought was really annoying at first, emwi after watching it a couple times, it almost seemed cute. But just for my reference, not to offend or challenge but were you around or do you know someone who was in to baguszhang the original 24 movement Taiji form? Liang has not modified it, and he teaches it WITH applications.

Classical Baguazhang Volume V: The Master ordained a new way of passing on the lineage: Many distinctive styles of weapons are contained within Baguazhang; some use concealment, like the “scholar’s pen” or a pair of knives the most elaborate, which are unique to the style, are the crescent-shaped deer horn knives Chinese: Dong Haichuan’s students, some of whom were Buddhist.