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Convenient Windows programming software CD for programming the fire alarm panels belonging in Series C/M, , IQ8Control, FlexES Control. Requirements for future-proof fire alarm systems are complex, such as custom- made configuration and need-based development, flexible extension with new. Series IQ8Quad (Intelligent Addressable). Automatic intelligent fire detectors with high reliability, used for premises and items of property with medium and high.

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Through this integration, additional features can be realized which are not possible with a standalone fire and smoke control system. They extend beyond simple monitoring and involve an active management of critical conditions.

Your basket is empty. Security and Fire systems are a vital part of any commercial buildings safety strategy and are essential to protect the tenants as well as the goods and installations of a building. Almost all advantages of IQ8 System can be realized by means of esserbus loop.

Otblue-lkm Multisensor Fire Detector Iq8quad 802379 Esser

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Notifier by Honeywell offers a range of intelligent fire alarm control panels, featuring industry-leading smoke sensing technology.

Alarm battery for Esser by Honeywell. All detectors of IQ8Quad series are equipped with loop isolator, and they can be integrated into a transponder Segment Loop area with the detectors, which is located between two isolators.

Esser IQ8 Control Panels – Mtech

While security and fire systems largely work autonomously, a combination with BMS systems can help to adopt a more complete security and fire strategy, which integrates other systems to help identifying wsser documenting the type and location of the fire, to actively limit its spread, and to execute automated evacuation strategies. In case of alarm, the voltage in the ring loop increases up yo 42 V, and this powers alarm devices.


Nowadays, the esserbus-Plus loop is the most reliable and efficient alarm system organization form. Fire detectors of series non-address and IQ8Quad series address-analog can be used on radial loops and radial branches. This fire detection systems can be tailored precisely to user requirements, applying six different plug-and-play modules which are fast and easy to install, replace or expand.

This guarantees absolutely new alerting organization possibilities: Products also available for Esser by Honeywell: VdS certificate is available. Through integration with security systems, intrusion alarms can be automatically deactivated in case of fire.

Przycisk ROP IQ8 IP66 adresowalny, obudowa+podstawa natynkowa+przezroczysta osłona w kpl.

Due to the high IP protection IP66 suitable for use in humid areas. Detectors series and IQ8Quad can operate in one loop; No break of ring loop in case of removal of the detector from the base; The economy of system installation costs; The length of ring loop is m with control board IQ8 — essrr m.

Through integration with elevators and escalators, evacuation strategies can be automatically supported.

Detectors of IQ8Quad series address-analog can be used on ring loops. Surface mount housing is provided with knock-out cable entries for M20 cable glands option for simplified installation. Escalator directions can be managed to help bringing people as quickly as possible to the evacuation floor. The ring loop continues its function as two radial ones.

Amongst others, the systems are capable of detecting fire, automatically fighting fire e. The ring loop devices, named isolators, are able to cut the damaged area off automatically, and the loop continues functioning as two radial branches; Lower man-hours and cable materials charges at the same number of detectors; It is possible to make radial branches from the ring loop where needed.


Manual fire alarm unit, for which the alarm status is automatically set additional alarm triggering is not required after the fragile element has been broken or its position has been changed.

This helps fire fighters to determine the type and size of the fire, helping to prepare effective counter strategies and selecting the appropriate type of extinguishing agents. Fire alarms can be essed shown in the standard BMS frontend, indicating the zones affected by a fire. Can be installed and operated in any orientation except permanently inverted. This greatly helps limiting the distribution of hazardous gases and further extension of the fire.

Needs Security and Fire systems are a vital part of any commercial buildings safety strategy and are essential to protect the tenants as well as the goods and installations of a building. Only one detectors group up to 32 detectors can be registered at one radial branch.

This battery meets the requirements of the leading manufacturers. It is important to recharge your battery upon receipt before using it in order to optimise its performance. This site uses cookies to collect statistical data about user browsing.

G Suitable for esserbus and powered loop connection, with soft address coding, alarm latch and alarm iqq8. Through integration with blind control systems, the shutters and blinds can be automatically opened to allow emergency exit through the windows for tenants, while providing additional entry routes for esxer fire fighters.