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Grade 9 Up-Block once again tackles the theme of love and its many variations. This time, she zeroes in on the ultimate taboo: incestuous love. Though Marina. From the author of Weetzie Bat comes a picture-perfect vision of mids Los Angeles, shimmering with Block’s signature California-style magical realism an. Teenaged Marina must come to terms with her brother’s death. In a starred review, PW called this novel “a picture-perfect vision of mids Los Angele.

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Sep 22, Danie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Se It took me quite a while to finish this book because, honestly, I never wanted to pick it up.

I recommend girls to read this book because the main character is a girl and girls could relate to her. You can feel how pure and strong the connection between Lex and Marina is from the very first chapter of the story they are brother and sister.

Lex and his sister, Marina, are inseparable. While it might make you cringe at parts, it is written with such beauty that you are able to see through the ugliness and feel the emotions the characters are feeling.

Wasteland (novel) – Wikipedia

This is the second book I’ve read in which the brother has killed himself and quite frankly, I’d like a different ending. Wasteland First edition cover art. There were also a group of girls that went there, and they really liked Lex, especially one girl named Justine. Through hints, whispers and delicate shudders, the glittering, fragmented narration—told mostly by Marina, but also by West and even by the deceased Lex—moves back and forth through time, gradually revealing the central incident that drives the novel’s action: And pretty soon there are so many of them.


Like most Francesca Lia Block books, I can see why people enjoy it and love it and want to get deep into it.

For such a small book, this took me a while to finish. I will give the book credit for clearly expressing the idea that, however tragic you choose to see Lex and Marina’s relationship in all its levels, a young man’s suicide is even more tragic.


Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block was a confusing book. Not for the language, no, never that. Mar 19, Kate rated it really liked it Shelves: Andrews in a book that takes a very soap opera idea and treats it very seriously.

He always had her back and never judged her and her choices. Block’s style is an good fit for this content–her sympathetic gaze; her compelling, dreamlike Californian atmosphere littered with evocative details.

The Namarielle Chronicles of Lashai Book 1. It’s beautiful, yes, and it approaches incest in such a delicate way it could almost be seen as not being incest. Books Young Adult Fiction Wasteland. But the way I saw you was pieces refracting the light, shifting into an infinite universe of flowers and rainbows and insects and planets, magical dividing cells, pictures no one else knew’.

Apr 20, Ted McKnight rated it it was ok. Open any page, I dare you She will remind me that this is what I wanted to do and do well. But after reading it, it changed into something not quite like anything I’ve ever read.


But for me, it was like the author was trying way franceeca hard to make every. Sometimes, when you read Wastelandyou come across one sentence, or one phrase, that holds all the power of a thousand words.

I initially wanted to give this book one star because of all its faults, but I went ahead and gave it two stars because, even though the poetic writing gets in the way of the storytelling, it is still beautiful when you read individual sentences and phrases.

The most important event she talks about was a time when she went to a club with Lex, even though he didn’t want her to go. She was raised that way and she saw him in that light- Lex was her brother, full blooded or not.

If you want a great story, wastelanf isn’t really it.

It was insightful and deep but hard to follow because it switches from wastelland sisters perspective to the brothers. I was old, all of a sudden.

This is brave, taboo subject matter here that she tackles beautifully.

The bulk of the story revolves around Marina’s journey to find out why her brother committed suicide, coming to terms with what existed between them, and making peace with the haunting of her heart.