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FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window .. it is also possible to manually set a size using the Geometry command. This chapter contains the manual pages for the FVWM Virtual Window With fvwm’s virtual desktop, windows which do not appear on the screen do not actually. Fvwm provides both a large virtual desktop and multiple disjoint desktops which can be used separately or together. The virtual desktop allows you to pretend.

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If no hot-spot is defined, the hot-spot is placed in the center of the image.

With the proper SelectOnRelease menu style see example above a window is selected as soon as you release the Alt key. Menu entries are included on lines following the Popup keyword. An example which allows only the FvwmPager module icon to exist: It is designed to minimize memory consumption, provide a 3D look to window frames, and a virtual desktop.

FVWM Cookbook FAQ

We can use a relative position for the window, hence:. The geometry manaul mentioned above specifying x,y coordinates larger than the physical screen sizehowever, suffers from the limitation of being interpreted relative to the current viewport: Where it is useful is qualifying a specific window, as explained above. If the pointer is not on the screen, the window is iconi- fied or no window is selected, these variables are not expanded.

Useful for setups with multiple screens. Starting fvwm for the first time, fvwm manages all screens by forking a copy of itself for each screen. When becoming familiar with fwvm, it is recommended that you disable XFree86’s virtual screen, by setting the virtual screen size to the physical screen size.

The position arguments consist of several parts: Any comments or suggestions are of course welcome. The default offset is zero.


This is the default. The highest even number determines the number or right side buttons which are drawn. The number of simultaneously executing modules is fvsm by the operating system’s maximum number of simultaneously open files, usually between 60 and It might look elaborate, but all it is doing is flipping the value of Next and Prev into the DIR environment variable, so that if the last window is reached, it goes back to the first.

Mouse a 1×1 rectangle at the mouse manul.

FVWM – Man Page – fvwm

If we follow this to its logical conclusion, we will have an infinite number of unidentified bugs before the number of bugs can start to diminish, at which point the program will be bug-free. MC2 although where some problems lie is in the differences between the current stable 2. If the default action is not specified, double clicking on the menu does nothing. The availability of the m4 preprocessing is subject to the compilation define M4. PagingDefault pagingdefaultvalue Tells fvwm maunal it should start up with paging enabled or disabled.

MenuEnterContinuation opens the “More To get more details, try man FvwmM4. The options below work vice versa: The percentage is percent of the total screen area may be greater than MenuEnterSubmenu enters a sub menu.

Note that the popup delay has no effect if the PopupImmediately option is used since sub menus pop up immediately then. In case of an item that hides a sub menu, the sub menu is dis- played if the pointer hovers over the item long enough or moves close to the triangle indicating the sub menu. Shading of windows to move titlebar in the same direction. The color of the miniature version is the same as the color of the full-size window’s border.

This might happen for example if you want the menu always in the top right corner of the screen. See also SetAnimation command. Please use the new syntax as described above. Mouse button 1 on the title-bar or side frame can move, raise or lower a window. The pipes are already open for the module when it starts and the file descriptors for the pipes are provided as command line arguments. This comes handy when the pointer often strays off the menu item when trying to move into the sub menu.


Xinerama support was designed to work out of the box with the same con- figuration file that would work on a single screen. To switch it off, use SelectOnRelease without a key name.

Some commands allow “toggle” too which means that the feature is dis- abled if it is currently enabled and vice versa. By default, fvwm tries to detect large pre-allocated palettes. Function FunctionName Starts the definition of a complex function, composed of the fvwm built-in functions, which will later be bound to a mouse button or key.

So for example, if a window is told to shade to the left, then all one would likely see is two vertical borders juxtaposed, and nothing more — the titlebar would have shaded inside it. The number of title-bar buttons used depends on which ones have mouse actions bound to them.

HDS @workStation System Administrator’s Guide

Future releases are expected to provide a means for these modules to extract window information from fvwm. By default, if a given menu entry only has one completeable match for a given hotkey, the action for that menu entry is invoked and the menu is closed. You might not, but Mouse Navigation Moving the pointer over a menu selects the item below it.

Thus a Quit tvwm only the copy it was sent to.