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A HACKER MANIFESTO [version ] McKenzie Wark Manifestation. There is a double spooking the world, the double of abstraction. The fortunes of states. Buy A Hacker Manifesto on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. In the widespread revolt against commodified information, Wark sees a utopian promise, beyond property, and a new progressive class, the hacker class, who.

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Chiudo citando l’ultimo paragrafo:. Jan 14, Sumanth Srinivasan rated it really liked it. As with land or capital as property forms, intellectual property enforces a relation of scarcity.

The potential of potential that information expresses has its [ dangers.

A Hacker Manifesto – Wikipedia

This abstracting of information from any particular material support creates the warm possibility of a vectoral society, and produces the new terrain of class conflict — the conflict maniifesto the vectoralist and hacker classes.

They must become the means of coordination of the ex- pression of a movement capable of connecting the objective representation of things to the presentation of a subjective action.

Having lost their land, they lose in turn their culture. There are many public and gift economies based around free information that keep the question of property open.

Hacking as a pure, free experimental activity must be free from any constraint that is not self imposed. Learn how and when to hqcker these template messages. We do not own what we produce – it owns us.

Only by apprehending this collective nature consciously, can the nature against which agency shapes itself be embraced in its difference. Knowledge may arise just as readily from everyday life.

Is the struggle for the vectors really the primary contradiction today? The stock of information is the raw material out of which history is abstracted. But another strategy may be to extend another kind of property altogether — the property that is the gift.


In its very falsity, it represents the relation between subject and object as a false relation, but nevertheless as a relation. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

The gift economy hakcer the virtual proof for the parasitic and superfluous nature of vectoralists as a class. The pastoralist class has resisted education, other than as hzcker in obedience. The hacker interest is in another nature maanifesto, in a nature expressing the limitless multiplicity of things. But the vectoralist class quite rightly sees in the gift a challenge not just to its profits but to its very existence.

A Hacker Manifesto

When capital requires brains, both to run its increasingly complex operations and to apply them- selves to the work of consuming its products, more time spent in the prison house of education is required for admis- sion to the ranks of the paid working dass. Since in- formation is an input as well as an output of the hack, this interest has to be balanced against a larger interest in the free distribution of all information.

The 70 Best Albums of Aug 13, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: The producers of commodities, be they farmers tuming the earth, or workers tuming the lathe or the page, are themselves all products of production. Freeing the con- cept of the hacker from its particulars, understanding it ab- stractly, is the first step in this struggle.

History is the virtual made actual, one hack after another.

A Hacker Manifesto by McKenzie Wark

But the hack, in and of itself, is always distinct from its appropriation for commodity production. By mashing up Romantic idealism with historical materialism and looping in some samples of cyberpunk futurism to boot, Wark offers a glimpse of potential new worlds. Through the instrument of scarcity and the hierarchical ra- tioning of education, workers are persuaded to see educa- tion much as the ruling class would have them see it — as a privilege. The hack expresses knowledge in its virtuality, by producing new abstractions that do not necessarily fit the disciplinary regime of managing and commodifying education.


The hack produces the class force capable of asking — and answering — the prop- erty question, the hacker class. They desire an education that contains at least education some knowledge, but often conceived of in terms of oppor- tunity for work.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This information, once the collective property of the productive classes — the work- ing and farming classes considered together — becomes the property of yet another appropriating class. Critique is a police action in representation, of service only to the maintenance of the value of property through the establishment of its value.

Having lost their agriculture, they lose in turn their human culture. Each ap- pears as more true than the last at the point at which the form of property from which it derives has become second nature.

Everywhere dissatisfaction with representations is spreading.

Hacking therefore begins with abstraction, the construction of previously unrealized relationships and distinctions between thoughts and things.