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The last of the founding Houses of the Order of Hermes, members of House Tremere are pragmatic magi who believe that conflict is inevitable. Though they do. One of the twelve Houses of the Order of Hermes, a True Lineage of the Founder Tremere. Tremere magi gather a few days before Tribunal. The magi of House Tremere, so full of pride and hunger, are ideal candidates. THE ORDER OF HERMES. House Tremere, before its fall to vampirism.

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Young vampires take to the field ready to claim their domain and become powerful lords in their own right.

Tremere Clan

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. It’s not correct to say that the Tremere have no connection with vampires in the new edition.

Ars Magica Houses of Hkuse. House Tremere Motto “Voluntas vincit omnia. The structure of their house is strictly hierarchical, with carefully designed codes of subordination and dominance.

House Tremere | Ars Magica Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Withoutabox Submit to Tremerr Festivals. Please try again later. Those which cannot be, or should not be, are destroyed. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. At fullest flower the idea included statistics for vampires, given in The Medieval Bestiary: The Dark Ages Clanbooks.

On the other hand, hardly any other Housewith the notable exception of the other three True Lineagesmatches the unbroken rigidity House Tremere cultivates with regard to the continuous stability of the Order of Hermes.


I gave it 3 stars becuase the information that they have is good, but I didnt think that the information was all that important The mind conquers all. Get to Know Us. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

They take a great interest in aspects of the activity, including the various styles, or schoolsof engaging in the magical duel. The RAW situation, however, is not without its advantages.

While individual members of other Houses sometimes choose to keep rather loose connections to their respective siblings, no other House maintains a level of organization that is as strict as the one kept among the members of House Tremere. Tremere the Founder was forced to negotiate with the Magi.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Wolves of the Sea Vampire: Some troupes have also expanded the free house virtue of all houses, allowing magi hous all houses some limited selection of free virtues note that this is explicitly recommended for Flambeau magi, in HoHTL p.

Since a magus may not have two magical foci, and since foci significantly increase the magus’ power within their area, the result is that Tremere magi are at a severe disadvantage as specialists. While the terms of the resulting agreement are unknown, it seems to have convinced the House to no longer pursue power over the Order as a whole. Share your thoughts with other customers. Secrets and conspiracies in the haven of Clan Tremere. Revised Editiona note that they had been destroyed in Houses of Hermesand an origin story foreshadowing their return in Triamore: However, in the event known as the Sunderingan unidentified group of Magi targeted Tremere’s lieutenants, breaking their minds and the House’s power structure.


This is a detailed look at the current and historical set up of the chantry of the Tremere clan in the Vampire role-playing game.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Transylvania By Night Vampire: The previous version of the House was evil, expansionist and militant, and so it forced them to design their characters as a response to the obvious threat the House posed to the Order.

They obscured many other ideas I had for possible stories, and created problems for other writers. The Dark Ages Companions. Across Europe, monarchs of the night set princes and barons at each other’s undying throats. I went into this thinking that there would be a ton of stuff on the magic that they use At its simplest, the vampires had consumed the identity of the House, moving from a plot hook to a defining concept.

True Lineages was an opportunity to reimagine the four Houses it included, and so it seemed the right place to move beyond the Vampiric Tremere. In earlier editions of the game, House Tremere had vampiric members. The vampires of this bygone age ride the dark as lords, play their games with the crowned heads of Europe, and travel to the mysterious lands of the East as they wage their ages-old war. I was the author for the Tremere section of Houses of Hermes: