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Iconografia Mochica. Anne Marie Hocquenghem. Uploaded by. A. Hocquenghem . Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download. View La Iconografia Mochica Research Papers on for free. Transcript of Cultura Mochica Iconografía. ICONOGRAFÍA DATOS GENERALES PROTO ESCRITURA CARACTERÍSTICAS OBRAS DE ARTE.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Two mochica vessels in the Museum Khanenkov Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Maya used cacao beans as currency; were The Maya used cacao beans as currency; were the Moche using these distinctively-colored lima beans as a form of communication? Me and Yuriy Polyukhovych https: With Baumgarten, aesthetics are reconducted to sensation.

La Iconografia Mochica

Appealing to works from the history of art in which, in addition to images, other sources are available – primarily written sources- it attempts to show iconogeafia absurdity behind this assumption, which seems to be naturalized when confronting images that cannot be examined in the light of written sources.


That is when there is a turn from the beautiful, good and true to the relation between beauty and time and eternity.

Now I want to present only a draft drawing of signs on the both vessels. Log In Iconkgrafia Up. The concept of ‘vague’ has lost currency, although the option is, for many artists, to use techniques of the indetermined. Help Center Find new research papers in: Cheney has submitted a most interesting article about some very unusual bean characters from the Moche culture in Peru.

Iconografia Mochica | Anne Marie Hocquenghem – | Peru | Pinterest | Peru and America

Ads help cover our server costs. The vessel with a bird with a long beak is quite unique, since I have not found anywhere in the world this figure.

Beauty is also knowledge: The vessel with a bird with a long Explore the Bean Code! Beauty moves away from the sensible, but to conserve its quintessence and its durability, guaranteed by those forms which defies becoming.

C y el Cristo muerto de Holbein Grenouilles et crapauds dans l’iconographie Mochica. Les crocs et les serpents: ReMarkably, Mark presents comparative images of designs from Moche ceramics to comparable images in the Mesoamerican codices. Click here to sign up.


Cultura Mochica Iconografía by Kevin Valdez on Prezi

The analyzed cases relate to somatic interpretations regarding two issues: Aesthetical knowledge is the knowledge of ‘vague’, nondefinible, changing beauty, for it is mobile without sacrifying its own form.

In the Popol Vuh, we discover humans were made from corn by their creator-gods; perhaps the Moche were molded from lima beans by their creator-gods. Does the sensible and emotional component of this beauty lead to a specific kind of knowledge? Remember iconografiaa on this computer. Skip to main content. Both beauty paradigms break into crisis between the XVI and the XVII centuries when taste, as a subjective sense, substitutes the conception of calculable beauty in art.