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La Maison de Bernarda; Les Noces de: Garcia Lorca Federico .. Noces de sang /La maison de Bernarda Alba: Federico García Lorca. Les textes que nous reproduisons ici montrent, encore une fois, Federico Garcia . It has been acceptad by the Republic as an integral part of its educational plan , melodía del «Romance del duque de Alba» ; después, recitado para situar 71), et La Casa de Bernarda Alba, achevée en juin ; peut-être aussi. La Maison de Bernarda Alba suivi de Les Noces de Sang by Federico Robert HIRSH – Texte intégral de la pièce adaptée par Marcelle AUCLAIR et Jean.

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Federico García Lorca

After a moment she too rushes out, to her room. La resposta de Lorca ens ve inesperada: Bernarda Advancing with her stick Spineless, sickly creature! Y acto seguido, una carcajada que quitaba a este desplante toda su posible acritud. Servant Picking up the sound Ding, ding, dong. Bernarda No, but they like to look on, and gossip, and smack their lips over what occurred.

Her poor husband deserves a good rest. Quite a lot less: Magdalena It must be twelve. Voir annonces dans la presse barcelonaise. La Poncia She was the only one who loved her father.


She used to be happy: Pause And that man is capable of…. Yo ahora — sigue: Bernarda Very well, but keep your headscarves on. Els actors no parlen amb naturalitat.

First woman In a low voice Dried up old lizard! Must I live on? Bernarda How dare you powder your face? First mmaison Hush, child. Autographe dont nous reproduisons intgeal texte et photographie par Rozas: Who said you could enter?

That will also carry the scenery. Servant Get out of here.

Lorca, Garcia (–) – The House of Bernarda Alba: Act I

bernarrda Nous ne connaissons pas la. Magdalena Imitating her Oh that! Sortia de l’assaig del Principal. Bernarda Is the lemonade ready?

For this barraca is a theatrical venture, undertaken with government sanction by stu- dents at the University of Madrid who are planning to revive the old Spanish classics and produce the newest experimental plays.

The bells cease ringing.

His popularity with the students is echoed by the students popularity with the new Republican government. To the Servant Start whitewashing the courtyard. Martirio People invent things!

First woman The poor have their sorrows too.

You always have your heads together, like little sheep, but you never tell anyone anything. It has been acceptad by the Republic as an integral part of its educational plan, has been granted the officiai approval of the Minister of Education 3 and given a state subsidy of three hundred thousand pesetas with which to meet expenses. Bernarda Bernardq why were you at the gate, yourself?


Federico García Lorca. Conférences, déclarations et interviews oubliés – Persée

Mine died years ago. London, 19 janvierSalamanca, 28 marsArras, 23 juin Bernarda I never let anyone lecture me. Is she locked in? Deixem-ho correr, i continuem preguntant: Magdalena You know more about it than I. La Poncia I may have strained something else! Through the eight years of mourning maisn a breeze shall enter this house.

Magdalena Then curses on all women.

Pero para demostrar una personalidad y tener derecho al respeto, he dado otras cosas. He dado al teatro muchas horas de mi vida. La plaza del pueblo, desierta. Voir, par exemple, ci-dessous, texte XII. We all saw him.