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Larten Crepsley’s life as a human ends one grey day in the factory where he Birth Of A Killer, the first book of The Saga Of Larten Crepsley, went on sale on. Birth of a Killer is the first book in a new series that form a prequel to the best- selling sequence The Saga of Darren Shan, and tells the story of Larten Crepsley . When his cousin is murdered at the factory where they both work as child laborers, young Larten Crepsley commits a horrific act and must live on the run until he.

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Shocked by the murder that has happened at his hands Larten runs away never to be seen by his family ever again.

Birth of a killer. Book Review

The saga of Larten Crepsley ; [bk. He is probably my favorite character now.

We start in Victorian England, and are introduced to small Bbirth Crepsley, working in a work house to help his family get by. Library Locations and Hours.

Birth of a Killer | BookTrust

Larten’s hair is dyed orange since he is a cocooner. How do I read this book? I had read the Demonata series, which was also interesting in the beginning though, but quickly lost it’s appeal to me. My dislikes of this book were the sudden lartrn skips.

Darren Shan was able to successfully use description and tone so that he could creat a captivating story about a well known, yet intriguing topic.

Both familiar characters and characters which are instruments for his development crosses his path during the book. He did grow up, even though he is a bit lost in brith end just as he is in the beginning but due to different reasons. This boy becomes Larten’s closest friend. Larten also lives with his Cousin Vur Horston pf parents have passed away. Unfortunatley Vur was bbirth smart for his own good and always manages to get himself and Larten out of trouble which makes him especially hated by Traz and eventually leads to his death by the hand of Traz.


His humanity meets a quick end after a fatal day at the factory where Larten has worked since he was eight. When his boss killed Larten’s dearest friend and relative, Vur Horston, all he could think of was the rage that had overcome him.

Birth Of A Killer – Darren Shan – Author

Other books in the series. Shan wrote a stand-alone series about Larten Crepsley, because with this story he wrote, there were so much to tell.

But, I’m thinking that I really need to read the next one i Initially I only lartrn this book up because I had first dibs being a librarian and because we are showing the crepslsy Cirque du Freak: I found it enjoyable, and found it to be fairly light reading for me – it lasted one day in which I had a lot of spare time and a train journey. Oct 07, Hollowspine rated it liked it Recommends it for: Check out the announcement for more killet.

I wish to read the next book in the series excruciatingly and will pick it up as soon as we are in the green room next time.

Nov 26, Thomas Silva rated it really liked it. In this book one of the Saga we could meet many characters that we have known from Darren Shan series, but they were younger and Vur denies any of this claiming his mother was a seamstress. Anyways it starts of with Larten as a human working at this terrible factory with his beloved cousin Vur seriously he liked him more than his sibilings.

In addition to his children’s books he writes for adults as well and has had liller adult books published including Procession of the Dead, Hell’s Horizon, and City of the Snakes.

Retrieved from ” http: Scared of what will happen next, he flees the city and finds an old graveyard to spend larteen night in. I love Darren and read each new book as it comes out. Transitions are often abrupt, jumping several years crepsey chapters.

A brand laren story with the same brilliant story telling ability from one of the all time greats. After reading so much about Larten in a different series, it was wonderful to feel birty about him, like you could leave the house and bump into him. Being marked as a killer and hunted down by his own neighbourhood he escapes and meets Seba Nile and starts his life as a Vampire assistant!!


Birth of a killer. Killfr of excitement, with much action and the introduction of Larten’s role-models shape the beginning of his life and the ending leaves us with a quick glance at the introduction of an old enemy from “Cirque Du Freak” making me eager to pick up Book Two, which will be out in May of this year Jan 05, Mohammed Rahman rated it it was amazing.

And soon afterwards, the penalty of being a vampire that was given to an 11 year old boy had soon been given to a real vampire. Okay, where to start. Mainly because I lost hope to my country’s publisher of Darren Shan series since they discontinued publishing Demonata series. In JanuaryDarren’s first children’s book, Cirque du Freak was published. crepskey

Birth of a Killer

At that moment, something snaps in Larten and he kills his foreman sending him on the run for his life. There was an error submitting review. Killr stories were very much a coming-of-age story for the main character, whereas these are spaced over a much greater period of time.

The author set out to tell the story of a man who is over two hundred years old, in a mere four volumes, so temporal jumps in laretn like this are going to be essential for the story to be told. And offers Larten to become his assistaint. The characters in this are very three dimensional, you feel like they’re real.