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(without refund of the OSPs), the removal of a character from play for a period of time, or could ultimately The Lorien Trusts runs a Fair Game for Fair Players. Within the Lorien Trust system each character has 16 points to spend when creating package of 50 OSPs to spend on a select number of Occupational Skills. Disclaimer: This article is un-official in terms of the Lorien Trust. It is a collection of questions that have been asked and answered regarding the OSP system.

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Customer Toolbox Customer Toolbox We have the ability to add more than one character preview to a single online account. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

You only need to complete this form As we now have the ability to allow you to purchase multiple tickets For groups, friends, family members, children etc we must be sure that we allocate the ticket you have purchased to their individual account. I know this is a shitty question but who would I talk to if I wanted to volunteer lorirn crew for an event or trhst Is Child 1 a new customer?

The Lorien Trust | ‘Run by Live Role-Players, for Live Role-Players’

Oathbreaker If an awakened human loses an oathsworn skill from their character card for any reason they will immediately gain this skill to replace it.

The Great Erdrejan Fayre is on the weekend trrust 24thth May. This skill counts as a training voucher of any tier for a single OS purchased from the list specific to the guild that the character is Oathsworn to.

Lorieen old banners and symbols This skill cannot be removed once gained. Why not leave reality behind and escape into a colourful, rich and in depth world where you walk amongst Goblins, Elves and Dwarves and where magic is real and fortune favours the brave?


Child 2 Name Name of child 2. This increases the power rating carrying capacity before problems by 1 so items will stop working at We will gain permission from the character holder before we authorise its display. The Gathering is on the weekend of 23thth August. Self Repairing Armour Requirements to use: If for any reason you book in advance of receipt of the code, no refund will be given but a credit will be applied to your acount.

Lorien Trust

The Spring Moot — Adult Ticket Last name Your preferred name. This skill replaces and includes Advanced Armour Repair and allows the character to restore the AV of all locations on one target to full in two minutes.

Lofien Of All Trades This skill may only be learned once at a time. Emergancy contact number Telephone number. Under 10 Discount Request Form. This skill prevents the user from being taken below 0 hits by any of Artefact, Magebolt, Harm, Fatal; instead they are left at 0 Hits. During the next couple of years various different skills were tried out to see lprien they fitted in with the rest of the game system.

Our Events take place here. From this single page, you should be able to manage all of your personal and character details. The Gathering of Nations — Adult Ticket Uncanic Doran August While are only able to offer a character preview at the moment. Master Brewer Once per event when making any Level 1, Level 2, potion or poison may make a second copy of the liquid, the second liquid will cost the same amount and require the same ingredients as the first.


New Occupational Skills | The Lorien Trust

Character Group Please pick one group. All 4 Events — Child Ticket Aged 15 and under. Children under 14 have limited CS to spend.

This does not include any other skills or lists that may be associated with that guild. Please enter the names and Dates of Birth of up to 3 children below.

We will update everyone via Facebook, Twitter and the website once it is available. Is Child 2 a new customer? Could you please indicate which events, if any, of this booking you wish to allocate to yourself?

I fancy doing some weapons practises over the next little while So there I was trying to get myself keen for the next year Ritual Crafter Requirements to use: This discount will be applied loiren your account, and is active when you purchase a child ticket.

Name Their full name. Date of Birth Type if you can’t select. You can update your delivery and billing address while you place an order.

The Spring Moot — Child Ticket We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Llrien Name Your preferred name.

If Unconscious and no locations are on -1, becomes debilitated after 1 minute. Each record will be checked. The Summer Moot — Child Ticket Child 3 Name Name of child 1. The OSP system started moulding itself back in late and the first tokens and basic OSP skills were created at this time. Remember me next time.